Sunday, 13 November 2016

How Hannah Found the Secret of Fire by Danica

How Hannah found the  secret of fire Retold by Danica
Long ago there  was a girl named Hannah.She lived in a small pa. Hannah had only one friend kiwi. Hannah was a very mischievious girl. One night Hannah wondered how fire was made so Hannah got same water and she put out all the fire in her pa. The next morning Hannah heard people yelling at her door”YOU SILLY GIRL YOU PUT OUT ALL THE FIRE NOW WE HAVE NO LIGHT. GO TO THE VOLCANO AND GET MORE FIRE FROM ANALISE!!!”chief Maui yelled. So Hannah started to walk towards the volcano but her friend kiwi wanted to came with her. So the two of them walked to the volcano.When Hannah arrived at the volcano there was a river "how will I get over this river I know I will jump over it”Hannah thought to herself so her and kiwi jumped over the river. When Hannah looked in side of the volcano she saw Analise sitting in front of a sparking fire. Hannah said “Excuse me can I have same fire? All the fire in our pa has gone out!” “Take good care of this fire” said Analise. When Hannah left the volcano she dropped the fire in the lake. Hannah went back in and said “Analise I dropped the fire in the lake! Can I have another?” “take even more care of this one” Analise said.Again Hannah went to the river and dropt the fire in the river.Hannah cept on doing this antil Analise was on her last flam.When analise was on her last flam she stood up furiously “ENOUGH OF THIS YOU NEED TO TAKE MORE CARE OF FIRE!!!!!”Analise yelled.Hannah dashed to try and get the flame but Analise made a ring of fire around her.Analise blew fire right at hannah.Hannah managed to dodge it,Hannah and kiwi dashed to the river and dove in.Analise threw the flame on top of the volcano Hannah saw Analise throw the flame.When Analise went back into the volcano Hannah and kiwi came out of the river and started to climb the volcano to get the fire.When Hannah got to the top of the volcano the fire wasn't there. Hannah guessed it was in the rock of the volcano so Hannah took same of the rock with her.When Hannah and kiwi arrived back at the  pa  Hannah started to rub 2 of the rocks that she got together and sparks started to appear then a fire.Every one cheered for Hannah and they never had to worry about their fire going out again.

Writing Reflection

I need to work on…
not getting distracted   

What learning muscle I used was…

What was tricky with my writing…
Was putting in vocabulary

What I would do next time…
Describe the setting more

I am most proud of…
My art

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Paralympic Day

Paralympic Day Reflection

The thing I enjoyed was playing the sports and having fun.
The hardest thing was the reverse biking.   

My favorite event was the crawling race. 

P.E Reflection

Blind toss Reflection
I need to work on…
Having more speed in my throws so I can try and get the beanbags in the hoop.

What went well…
I was good a throwing because I have a strong throw.

The learning muscle I used…
I used my persevering muscle.  

My coach was good at…
describing how the game works.



Old rings                                the old and new rings         new ring                       Image result for olympic rings                                                             IMG_0671.JPG

1. How many olympic logos have there been
There have been 45 olympic logos

2.Why do they have logos
They have them to represent different countries and what sports are in the olympics .

3.  Where will the olympics be held in 2024
it will be held in los angeles

4. What was the first olympic logo                                                        Image result for what was the olympic logo in 1896                                         

Our Olympic Rings
In this you will be making are olympic rings for 2024 first
You will need:
2x cardboard
Paint (you choose the colors)

How to make
1. First you need to get two pieces of cardboard now you  draw 5 circles and 3 flames (fire)
2.then you cut the 3 flames out  and  the 5 rings out.
3.  Next you glue the rings together then glue the flames to the rings
4.  Last of all you paint the rings any color you want .


what do you do


Story 1.Jane would feel mad. I would tell Sam that he should ask if he can use it.
Story 2.I would say: “Mrs Parata may i be the library monitor”.

Story 3. I would say: “excuse me can i play with you”.


Lydia KO
Lydia ko is a golf player.
Lydia ko is 19 years old.
Why did she decide to become a golf player?
She started playing golf when her mum took her to a pro golf shop when she was 5.
How many games has she played?

                                                                            Key: open closed

My calendar art

My calendar art
This is my calendar art. The red one is my dad,the blue one is my mum and the purple one is me. I chose these colours because they are our favorite colours.


The hard thing for me:The hard thing for me was trying not to smudge my art and drawing my chequered pattern in the bottom right corner.  

The easy thing for me:The easy thing for me was drawing my koru because it is easy to draw a spiral. It was also easy to go from one color to another.   

I am proud of: I am proud of my koru because i put my best effort into them.